MA Research Project

I encourage you to come forth and experience the surveillance capitalist lifestyle. Our organisation prides itself on being able to give its users exactly what they wants by monitoring their every behaviour online. Not only does this help us know more about them, but in some cases also helps us guide the decisions of our users, be it picking the next album on their playlist or choosing a candidate to vote for in the next elections. We ensure that our users are informed about some of the methods we employ to collect this data, but for the most part we keep it simple enough so that the users don’t have bother themselves by reading long-winding and complicated texts filled with legal and technical jargon that doesn’t benefit them in any way. We are now at the pinnacle of this new wave of assistive technology, that our users rely on us to get through their daily routines.

To understand us better, try working as a data surveillance manager by clicking the poster below.

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